Shagririm Forest


LTER site established at 2008

Site manager: Eli Argaman


Operating Organization: KKL


General Site Description:

The Ambassadors research site, which was founded in 2005, is located in the Semi-arid region, north of Beer Sheva. The average annual rainfall is 180 mm, and the average rainfall days is 38. The site extends over 15 km2.  The plantation of woody vegetation was initiated in 2005 and supported by water harvesting systems (limans & counter bench terraces).

Purpose of Site:

The Ambassadors Forest aims to focus on the long-term impact of water harvesting systems construction on soil properties, runoff-rainfall ratio, water availability to annual and woody vegetation, and soil-plant-atmosphere interactions.

History of site:

The Shagririm (Ambassadors) Forest site was established by the KKL on 2005. Spatiotemporal monitoring was initiated on 2008.

Monitored parameters:

Soil properties, runoff-rainfall interactions, vegetation cover and density, and drought conditions along slopes.   


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