North: dead sea

South: red sea and border with Egypt

East: border with Jordan

West: Hevel Eilot and Arava tichona council borders

Platform manager/s:   Jessica Schaeckermann (Dr. rer. nat.)
Ecologist, main interest ecosystem functions

General research topics

biology, phenology, taxonomy, genetics, biodiversity, species diversity, ecology, population ecology, population dynamics, population changes over time, plants population changes over time, plant ecology, vegetation dynamics, community ecology, successional dynamics, community dynamics, ecosystem ecology, ecosystem function, ecosystem service, animal ecology, environmental science, pollution, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, climate change

LTER site that are part of the platform: Shita Wadi


extreme desert eco-system, part of the rift valley, established in 2009, since then a lot of research was implemented and a lot of work is being done in involving the stakeholder.