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Vision and Concept

Israel Long-term Ecological Research (LTER) was founded in 1997 and currently includes 13 sites across the countries climate and demographic gradients. The network’s foci include: 1) establishment of a common theoretical framework (ecological integrity); 2) harmonization of data collection to facilitate cross-site research; and 3) the implementation and operation of new socio-ecological (LTSER) research platforms.

This agenda is aligned with the research activities of participating scientists, as well as with existing and developing collaborations with partners in the European LTER network. There are several scientific research projects at the LTER sites and LTSER platforms. Such projects include:
1. Quantification of variables of ecological integrity.
2. EcoPotential – Improving Future Ecosystem Benefits through Earth Observation.
3. Ecosystem integrity and self-organization of ecosystems and landscapes.
4. Critical zones.

LTER sites and LTSER platformsOperatorSite Type Site contactEmail
Karei DesheMinistry of AgricultureAgricultureDr. Guy Dovrat (ARO)
Ramat HandivRamat HanadivMediterraneanDr. Liat Hadar  (Ramat Hanadiv)
Sdot Yam
Morris Kahn Marine Research Station
Haifa UniversityIsrael – marine coastal shelfLeigh
Kdoshim ForestKKLForestDr. Yagil Osem (ARO)
NizanimINPADunesProf. Amos Bouskila (BGU)
GilatMinistry of AgricultureAgricultureDr. Eli Zaady (ARO)
Yatir ForestKKLForestDr. Tamir Klein, Prof. Dan Yakir (Weizmann);
Park ShakedKKLDesertDr. Shayli Dor-Haim (ADSSC)
Shagririm ForestKKLForestDr. Eli Argeman (ARO)
AvdatBGU and HUDesertProf. Arnon Karnieli (BGU)
RamonINPADesertDr. Elli Groner (ADSSC)
Shita WadiKKLDesert Hyper aridDr. Nitzan Segev (ADSSC)
LTSER Negev HighlandADSCCPlatformDr. Noa Avni (ADSSC)
LTSER Northern NegevADSCCPlatformDr. Shayli Dor-Haim (ADSSC)
LTSER Ramat HandivRamat HanadivPlatformDr. Liat Hadar (Ramat Hanadiv)
LTSER Arava Platform